Room Defense

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Aromatic defense proprietary blend of essential oils.

Room Defense

A Natural and Pleasant Aromatic Defense

We have designed the Room Defense essential oil blend to be used with an atomizing diffuser as a potent environmental scrub.  Once again, the essential oil power of plants comes to the rescue! Room Defense is strong enough for use as an environmental defense and has a pleasant scent for use in households, work or clinical settings.  

This is a 100% pure essential oil blend that is designed to be used in an electric atomizer or diffuser.  

How it Works

The electric atomizer will send a finely atomized essential vapor into the room (the Aroma-Ace is a brand name that will produce a very small 3 micron particle).  These particles stay suspended in the air for hours forming a strong line of defense!  (It is also important to have an atomizer timer since you only want it running a small percentage of time.)

Bottles of the Room Defense pure essential oil blend are 1 oz. each (which goes a long ways in a timed atomizer).

A Blend of Pharmaceutical Grade Essential Oils 

Orange, Rosemary, Clove, Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Ravensara, Oregano, Geranium.  

For air diffusing by atomizer only.  Do not take internally or apply to skin. 

Suggested Usage

The Room Defense is intended to be used with an atomizer.  It is simply that small vapor particles are much more efficient and cost effective.  Other types of diffusers can be used but they will use a much larger quantity of Room Defense.

Simply fill the atomizer bottle with some Room Defense.  Initially, the atomizer can be run continuously at a medium high rate for a couple hours until there is an acceptable concentration of particles (aroma) in the air.

The atomizer can then be turned down to 15 minutes an hour (even less as room saturation and the need decreases), and the power level can go lower as well.  It will still be effective at an aroma level that everyone usually enjoys.