Ultimate Monolaurin® - 21oz

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Ultimate Monolaurin®

**Due to COVID-19, there is an extreme shortage on containers. We are excited to introduce this new style of packaging as it is more environmentally friendly. Our #1 goal is to safely deliver to you our Ultimate Monolaurin product so you may see a crossover time in which both pouch and container packaging is utilized. The Ultimate Monolaurin product remains the same, wonderful product we have always provided, just in a new & improved package.**

A Brief History

Early South Sea Island explorers often wondered why the island natives seemed to stay healthier than the American Indians did when Caucasian people mixed with them.  In fact, the island natives didn’t seem to catch much of anything. That is, until some of the natives started eating a ‘western’ diet.  Then their health would begin to suffer - while those on native diets stayed healthy! 

Scientists eventually decided that it was due to the coconut.  Much later, Michigan State University researchers discovered what happened when we eat coconut.  Our body adds glycerol to the lauric acid in coconut and converts about 3% of it into a nutrient called monolaurin.  Since monolaurin is in its highest concentration in nature in mother's milk, they suspected monolaurin might be the magic bullet responsible.

Since then, hundreds of clinical studies on monolaurin have been conducted by universities and clinical labs around the world with exciting results.  The monolaurin legend began to grow and is now here to stay.  All we have done is move the conversion ratio of the lauric acid to monolaurin from about 3% to 95%.

What Makes Our Monolaurin the "Ultimate"?    

Actually, our body adds glycerol to other coconut acids, as well, and converts them into monoglycerides of MonoCaprin and MonoMyristin.  We wanted to combine them together as a family and offer a little fuller spectrum of the coconut monoglycerides than others.  So, we have included our exclusive"MonoCaprin Plus"™ to provide:  

Minimum: 95%  MonoLaurin
Plus up to: 2%  MonoMyristin
  2%  MonoCaprin

Our Ultimate Monolaurin® is the fullest blend of these monoglycerides available.  

Plus, we also spent 2 years of research and were the first to be able to emulsify monolaurin to design other monolaurin liquid products – also adding wonderful nutrients such as colloidal silverphospholipids, plant essential oils and more.  They include:    

Skin Defense - Spray lotion for your skin
Foaming Soap - Soap without alcohol or Tricolosan
C-A-Y Defense - Cream for external use, including vaginal use
Scalp Defense - Conditioner for scalp and skin for use by humans and pets

Our Ultimate Monolaurin® is concentrated in easy to take pellets - without the wasted fillers and materials in capsules.  One teaspoon of our monolaurin has 3,000 mg!  Pellets Vs. Capsules

Compared to a 500 mg capsule:

 1 tsp. of pellets equals 6 capsules
 7 oz. container equals average bottles of capsules
 21 oz. container equals 18 average bottles of capsules

Enjoy online savings!  We offer a 21 oz. economy size, which is 21 oz. for the price of two 7 oz. containers.  Or purchase 3+ of any single product and save! 

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 scoop (1 tsp., about 80 pellets) = 3,000 mg.

Servings per Container: 21 oz. = approx 200

Amount per Serving   % Daily Value
Calories 27  
Total Fat 3 g 5%
Monolaurin (from lauric acid) 95% min *
Monocaprin (from capric acid) 2% max *
Monomyristen (from myristic acid) 2% max *

*Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Glycerol. 
Allergen Warning: Contains Tree Nuts (Coconut).

Suggested Usage

One (1) blue scoop = 1 tsp = 3,000 mg Monolaurin. 

Monolaurin is very bitter so most people put it in their hand - often with other capsules or tabs (the Monolaruin pellets actually makes it easier to swallow them). They toss the Monolaurin in their mouth and wash them down with any liquid (water, milk, etc.).  Tilting the head forward helps swallowing, tilting head back makes swallowing more difficult.

Serving Suggestions for Adults:

Maintenance:  1 scoop a day.

Flu season:  1 scoop, 2 times a day.

A specific protocol:  

  • Under 130 pounds:  1 scoop, 2 times daily.
  • Over 130 pounds:  1 scoop, 3 times daily.

ChildrenAdjust to the child’s weight vs. an adult (example: an 80 # child is about 1/2 of an adult, so 1/2 the dosage).

Pets: Also adjust to a human adult.  A 20# pet is about 1/8 of an adult person, so 1/8 the dosage.  There are about 80 pellets in a scoop (tsp.).  Putting it into soft pet foods will help them eat the pellets.

Cautions: Gradually build up to a full dose (over about 7-10 days) to help avoid a Herxheimer reaction. Keep out of the reach of children. Chewing produces a very bitter taste.

Herxheimer Reaction:  A “herx” reaction can occur when pathogen bacteria "die off" faster than the body can eliminate them. This can cause some mild chills, flu or allergic type symptoms. If this happens, simply stop taking the Monolaurin a day or two to give your body a little extra time to remove the dead pathogens. Resume at a little lower dosage and gradually increase, as your body can handle it, to full dosage.