Monolaurin Soap

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Replace alcohol and Triclosan with gentle Monolaurin.

The Problem with Commercial Antibiotic Soap

The difficulty with most antibacterial soaps is that they usually use alcohol or triclosan (a poison banned in parts of Europe - be careful not to get it in cuts or mucus areas where it can be absorbed).

Chemical agents also damage the good microbial flora on your skin, causing an increased shedding (promoting the dry, scaly look).  Damaging the microbial flora can actually lead to an increased risk of transmission of pathogenic microorganisms from any sources.  

Our Monolaurin Soap

We wanted an alternative foaming soap without alcohol or triclosan!  We were able to emulsify, the now famous, monolaurin (found in mother's milk and your body can make it from coconut oil) into the soap.  Happily, repeated use of monolaurin does not affect the protective bacterial flora of the skin (Larson, 2001, Carson and Riley, 1995.)

Then, we were able to add coconut phospholipids and therapeutic grade essential oils that have been known and used for centuries to add a fuller range of protection!

We also designed it to be 78% organic and nourishing and gentle to the skin. Our Monolaurin Soap is used in general everyday use because repeated washing still leaves the skin soft and protected.  It turned out to be so delightful that it has become a win-win solution for everyone in multiple applications!

With all these attributes, our Monolaurin Soap is the ultimate addition to a clean and natural workplace and household.

Active Ingredients 

Our Special Blend of MonoLaurin & "MonoCaprin Plus"


Coconut Phospholipids


Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils (14 Essential Oils)


Inactive Ingredients (78% Organic)

 Potassium Cocoate, Glycerin, Potassium Olivate, Potassium Palm Kernelate, Palm Kernel Acid, Citric Acid, Potassium Citrate.    

Suggested Usage

Our Monolauin Foaming Soap can be used as often as necessary, rinsing as desired.  It has no alcohol or abrasives in it - yet does have softeners and skin nutrients.  It is light and gentle, foaming instantly and rinsing cleanly.  It is safe to use on babies and problematic skin. 

Caution: Like most soap, be careful to avoid getting it in the eyes. Rinse with water if it occurs.