Raising Loving Children

Help a child learn self control by loving others as themselves

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Raising Loving Children

By Terry Roshau

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How do you teach a child to love others?

How do you teach children to obey?

How do you discipline?

They are all naturally tied together. 

To love others means to care about their desires and needs as well as your own.  It is natural for an infant to think only of their needs.  As they grow into childhood, however, they need to learn the  balance of loving and giving to others.  This book tells you how to help guide them into a healthy balance!  

One of the wonderful results of a child learning to love others is that they also become naturally obedient!  This is something so many parents struggle for but never obtain.  Raising Loving Children helps both parents and children learn about love and obedience. 

We Required Three Things in this Book: 

  • It had to be Simple!     (No degree required.)
  • It had to Work!            (Easily and efficiently.)
  • It had to teach Love!    (The most important of all.) 

People have told us how amazed they were at how quickly and easily the "6 Steps" of proper discipline work.  Most of all, we continually hear of the joy parents experience as they see their children grow into loving adults (we’ve been teaching these principles for 30 years).  Happily, we have been able to share it in an easily readable 165 pages. 

Three Important Pillars:

  1. It uses time-honored practices.  (Not everything parents have done through history is wrong.)
  2. The support of recent scientific discoveries concerning the development of a child's brain.
  3. The key:  Training your children to LOVE!

Raising Loving Children comes from a Christian perspective but is not full of Scripture quotes.  However, a non-Christian should not reject the information in this book because of its Christian foundation.  That would prevent them from hearing time-honored practices that have resulted in wonderful loving children for many years.  

Raising Loving Children also considers recent medical discoveries, including research from Yale University Medical School.  These discoveries, about the development of a child’s brain, explain why proper discipline is needed in the first several years of a child's life.  It helps the child reach out beyond their own desires and learn to consider the needs of others as well.  Knowing how a child’s brain develops is very helpful in understanding why proper, loving discipline is needed.  It makes it easier to see how you are helping your child move from self-centeredness to a love of others as their brain develops. 

You are always training your child – whether to ignore you until you get mad, or to obey you the first time.  Raising Loving Children simply gives you the understanding, steps and backing needed to raise the loving children we all desire. 

Some Quotes from Others:

“I read, ‘Raising children is fun.  It's just a different kind of fun’.  I know banking but this really changed my fear that I couldn’t handle raising children.  Guess what?  They were right!”    
     Bruce Mallory, Bank President 
“It requires some effort, but not near as much as I feared.  And it was much easier and simpler than the complicated systems of other books I’ve read.” 
     Tavya Casad, Military Wife and Mother 
“Raising children doesn't have to take your whole life and monopolize your time - if you learn how to do it properly!  Our effort has been rewarded many times over!  Our hope is that every parent will say…It has been well worth it!!!"     
     Kathy, My Unbiased Wife


Terry Roshau is a graduate of Ministries Institute and holds lifetime ordinations in The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and Calvary Ministries. He was involved in Home Missions, pioneering new churches and pastoring.

He founded, and was president of Ministries in Training Bible College, offering ministry preparation training and an associate degree in multiple areas of ministry. He taught classes in systematic theology, practical ministry and surveys through the Old and New Testament. He founded Inspired Nutrition and is now focusing on physical health research as well as spiritual research and seminars.