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Inspired Nutrition's Ultimate Bio-Fibrin ®





The Ultimate



A Blend of Systemic Proteolytic Enzymes:  


       Serrapeptase,            Nattokinsae,            Bromelain,       

       Papain,  and              Grapefruit Seed Extract  




What is a Proteolytic Enzyme?


   An enzyme is usually simply described as something that will help dissolve foods for digestion and absorption.  Most medical dictionaries will describe an enzyme as a catalyst produced by a living organism, usually a protein, that increases the rate at which chemical reactions occur.


   Bottom line: they help dissolve things.  


   There are over 700 identified human enzymes.  Each enzyme has a specific biochemical reaction involving a specific substance.  A proteolytic enzyme helps break down particular proteins by splitting them into simpler compounds in a process known as proteolysis.


   What we have done is simply combine 5 of the best proteolytic enzymes together in substantial amounts in our trademarked Bio-Fibrin. 


The Ingredients


   1.  Serrapeptase:   100,000 SPU


   Serrapeptase is a relatively new ‘rising star’ enzyme on its way to becoming one of the most popular enzyme of all time.  Serrapeptase was originally discovered from the silkworm because the silkworm uses this enzyme to dissolve its protective cocoon, so the winged butterfly is able to emerge and fly away.  


   2.  Nattokinsae:   1,500 FU


   Nattokinase is a fibrinolytic enzyme derived from "natto", a popular Japanese food.   Natto is a traditional cheese-like fermented food popular in Japan. During the natto production process, a friendly bacteria, called Bacillus Subtilis Natto, is added to boiled soybeans and begins to ferment.


   This fermentation releases nattokinase (which is considered to be soy free since there are no residual amounts of soy remaining after the fermentation and purification process).


   3. A Proprietary Enzyme Booster Blend:   590 mg. of active enzymes.




Grapefruit Seed Extract


   Did you know that, as good as grapefruit juice is, it typically excludes the benefits provided by the seed.   Our grapefruit seed extract is carefully tested and produced to certified quality standards.  This high potency grapefruit seed extract offers the power of grapefruit seed extract in a hypoallergenic form.


   Our grapefruit seed (citrus paradisi) (GSE) is a 12:1 extract.  It is a premium, broad spectrum extract, containing the bio-active flavonoids:








   Bromelain is a key enzyme in pineapple found to be in high concentrations in pineapple stems.  It is a proteolytic (protein dissolving) enzyme that is a delightful addition because of natural body enhancers that add characteristics the other enzymes don’t.  It helps to make a great blend.


   Bromelain is one of the most bioavailable of all enzymes and has been the subject of numerous studies worldwide. 




   Like the other enzymes we use, papain is a protein-dissolving enzyme from the green papaya fruit.  It is made from the mature green papaya which contains the highest sources of papain and chymopapain.


   Our papaya is dried at a low temperature in order to retain the highest level of enzymatic activity, the most prevalent of which is papain.


   (Magnesium and Zinc are also included as many references describe them as supporting these enzymes.)



Best of All:   Purchased individually, these ingredients could cost as much as $120 a month!  Happily, combining them in the Ultimate Bio-Fibrin® can lower the cost to an affordable amount!


Caution: Check with your doctor before using Bio-Fibrin with any blood thinning drugs! 


Contents:  1 Container has 150 Capsules.


Usage:  2 to 6 capsules a day is normal - depending on need

and body weight (up to 2 month supply).


Cost:  The retail store price of the Ultimate Bio-Fibrin® is $59.95.


   However, the website sale price offers a:

      23% discount for 1 container at only:  $46.50 each.

      29% discount for 3 or more at only:    $42.50 each.


     (All orders are only $6.95 total.) 




Inspired Nutrition's Ultimate Bio-Fibrin ®

Inspired Nutrition's Ultimate Bio-Fibrin ®

150 Capsules Retail Price: $59.95 # Items
Website price: $46.50
Best Buy: 3 or more price: $42.50

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