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Inspired Nutrition's Ultimate Monolaurin ®

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Clinical Studies Show





Kills ALL infectious Bacteria!

(Including MRSA Staph and Lyme Disease)


                                And 14 Viruses!

      (Including Swine flu, HIV, Herpes and Hepatitis C.)





   Our Ultimate Monolaurin® is the only monolaurin containing the full range of coconut oil's legendary lauric acid's conversion into monolaurin and other monoglycerides including:

       Monolaurin - Monocaprin - Monomyristin - Monocaprylin 


   (Plus: other monolaurin products that include colloidal silver, phospholipids and plant essential oils such as:


     The Ultimate  Skin Defense        - anti-bacterial skin spray. 

     The Ultimate  Foam Soap            - anti-bacterial without alcohol.

     The Ultimate  C-A-Y Defense      - for female candida yeast

     The Ultimate  Scalp Defense       - anti-bacterial conditioner.

     The Ultimate  Diaper Defense     - anti-bacterial skin soother

     The Ultimate  Fresh & Natural     - anti-bacterial deodorant.

     The Ultimate  Pet Skin Health         - for animal skin conditions. 


(More information below, or scroll to the bottom for prices.)



   The Ultimate Monolaurin® is our internal defensive answer against all bacterial and many viral infections (external problems are handled by the other skin products above.) 


   It is the best and purest source of monolaurin available with our exclusive "MonoCaprin Plus".  Our Ultimate Monolaurin® includes:


     A minimum of:     95% Monolaurin,     ...and...

                Up to:       3% Monomyristin,

                                2% Monocaprin,

                                1% Monocaprylin


     This provides a much fuller benefit of coconut's goodness!


A Brief History


   Eary explorers wondered why the South Sea island natives didn't get the infectious white man diseases that the American Indians, and others, had.  In fact, they never seemed to get any colds or flues either.


   That is, until some of the natives started eating a western diet.  Then they would get sick (while those on native diets still did not).  That narrowed the search to their diet but it wasn’t until much later that they narrowed it to one food – coconut oil.
   Eventually, scientists discovered that coconut oil was about 52% lauric acid and suspected that lauric acid was the magic bullet supporting their immune system.  However, testing lauric acid on bacteria didn’t produce quite the results expected???  
   Fast-forward to recent history and the explanation started to reveal itself.  Dr. Kabara, of MSU, with specialties in pharmacology and biochemistry, discovered the anti-microbial effects of monolaurin (in its highest concentration in nature in mother's milk).  
   This is really important because the body converts a small part of coconut oil's lauric acid into a monoglyceride called monolaurin.  In fact, the body converts other monoglycerides into monocaprin, monocaprylin and monomyristin (sound familiar)?  
   Even more important, these monoglycerides are powerful germ-fighters.  Monolaurin was tested on bacteria and it killed 100% of every bacterium it was tested on – including MRSA staph!  It was even effective against many other viruses including: 


     All pathogen (bad) bacteria, (but not good bacteria - they 

                                                        have different membranes).


     14 Virus including:

     Herpes Simplex virus (HSV 1 & 2),

     Measles virus, 


     Hepatitis C,

     Swine flu, and flu in general,

     Shingles, and 

     Cyhtomegalo virus (CMV).


   Later clinical studies found that, though monolaurin was best for most pathogens, there were a few pathogens that monocaprin and the others were more effective against.  Now, combined together as a family, Ultimate Monolaurin® is the fullest blend of coconut monoglycerides available! 


How Does Monolaurin Do It?
   The way monolaurin and family kills bacteria and some viruses is really interesting.  All bacteria, and those 14 virus, have a flimsy membrane (envelope, skin).  This is by design so the bacterium and virus can easily penetrate its targets.  These membranes also have lipid fat molecules in them to make them flimsy. 


   As it so happens, monolaurin is the same size molecule as these lipid fat molecules, so they absorb into the bacteria.  When inside, monolaurin interupts the reproductive cycle.  Then, when enough monolaruin absorbs into the membrane (which is already loosely held together) it ruptures.  The cells burst open and die.  Then the blood takes the dead bacteria and virus to the liver to be removed from the body.  Your body is much happier and it’s a good deal for everyone - except the bacteria and viruses!




   “I'm a nutritionally oriented chiropractor in Oregon. Just wanted to put in a good word for how clinicians, like myself, are using monolaurin. I am finding it useful for colds, flues, and yeast overgrowth. I have a couple of people using it for herpes outbreaks. In the natural health field we are always looking for better approaches to these problems."       Jim Neilson D.C.


Link to many more: Testimonies.



Is Monolaurin a Cure?




   Some bacteria and virus can be completely killed, which is the definition of 'cure'.  However Lyme spirochetes and bartonella as well as some virus like HIV, Herpes and Hepatitis can burrow into cells.  Nothing can get into the cells to kill them because the cell wall protects everything within the cell.  Currently, there is no test that can tell people whether there are any Lyme bacteria or those viruses remaining in the cells or not.  Unfortunately, this means that no one can be sure they are completely free or cured of those diseases.  Fortunately with these diseases, we can deal with the free ranging bacteria that cause most of the problems – and people are happy about that!  







What Makes Our Monolaurin the "Ultimate"?


   Our original focus was in helping hospitals, clinics and people with the deadly menicillin resistant staph infection call MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus).  In doing so, I had conversations with Dr. Kabara about a special project our company had in emulsifying monolaurin for skin application for MRSA products.  We wanted to provide people with monolaurin skin infection spray, soap, shampoo and other products - in addition to monolaurin pellets for internal protection.  (We were successful and many are now available - with more coming!)  


   As we said, while clinical studies were showing that monolaurin was the workhorse in destroying pathogens, there a few bacteria that monocaprin was actually better at defeating.  So, just as we wanted to add all 8 forms of Vitamin E to our Ultimate Foundation multivitamin, we also wanted to offer a fuller spectrum of the coconut monoglycerides, than just monolaurin, to MRSA sufferers. 


   Thus was born Ultimate Monolaurin®!  It offers a minimum of 95% monolaurin, with added monoCaprin, monoCaprylin and monoMyristin.  (If I was under any bacterial or viral attack - especially with something like MRSA - I would want to use the full benefits of coconut monoglycerides!  That is not the time to experiment.)  For more information, go to the Monolaurin and MRSA topics under the A-Z index.  We will be continually adding and updating articles and information about monolaurin on this site.)


(Pets:  Our Monolaurin, Skin Defense and Pet Conditioner also do a great job healing dog and cat diseases and skin conditions. 

             More information here:  Pet Skin Health


Vs. Capsules 


   Our monolaurin is concentrated - without the wasted fillers in capsules.


       7 oz    =    7.33  bottles of monolaurin capsules.

       21 oz. =   21.67  bottles of monolaruin capsules.


   To help out families and people on a budget, we are even able to pass along online savings!  This includes both our 7 oz. and 21 oz. economy sizes (21 oz. for the price of two 7 oz. containers).  It is a win-win for all.  




   1 blue scoop = 1 tsp = 3,000 mg Monolaurin.  (Monolaurin is very bitter and waxy, so is best to not chew it or take with hot liquids.  Most people put it in their hands, often with other capsules they take because the monolaruin makes it easier to swallow them.  Then they wash them down with water, pop, milk, etc. 


     Maintenance serving:            1 scoop a day (1 tsp.) 

     Flu seasons:                         1 scoop, 2 times a day.  

     First hint of getting the flu:    1 scoop, 3 times a day. 

     Other existing illnesses:         1 scoop, 3 times a day. 



7 oz. Size:  Ultimate Monolaurin®:  

The retail store price is $29.95. 

(62 days maintenance servings) 


The website sale offers a 27% discount: 

1 - 7 oz. container is only:      $24.00 each. 

3+ 7 oz. containers are only:  $22.00 each. 


21 oz. Size:  Economy Family Size:  

The retail store price is $63.95. 

(186 days maintenance servings)

The website sale offers a 30% discount: 
One 21 oz. (a better value) is only:     $49.00 each.
3+   21 oz. (the best value) are only:  $45.00 each.  

Inspired Nutrition's Ultimate Monolaurin ®

Inspired Nutrition's Ultimate Monolaurin ®

7 oz Retail Price: $29.95 # Items
Website price: $24.00
Best Buy: 3 or more price: $22.00
21 oz Retail Price: $63.95 # Items
Website price: $49.00
Best Buy: 3 or more price: $45.00

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