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Inspired Nutrition's Ultimate Artery Clear


Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Health
Artery Clear
Natural Ingredients to Help 
Remove Arterial Plaque!
Two Steps to Natural Artery Health: 
   1. Artery Clear                  - To help remove arterial plaque.  
   2. Cholesterol Balance     - To normalize cholesterol balance.   
   The first step is Artery Clear!  Most people contacting us are concerned about removing arterial plaque buildup.  Artery Clear is a natural blended supplement that helps loosen, dissolve and remove arterial plaque out of the arteries!  it is based on abundant clinical research (see the A-Z Index below).  Artery Clear is designed to work better than any other natural supplement to remove artery plaque.
The Problem:
   If the body doesn't have the nutrients it needs to repair tears in the arteries, it sends an emergency signal to the liver to produce sticky forms of cholesterol, LDL and Lp(a), to "patch" the damage (to the body, having plaque is better than bleeding to death).  This produces the dangerous artery plaque that causes problems.
The Answer:   
1. Artery Clear - helps clear existing arterial plaque with natural ingredients that help the body dissolve and remove arterial plaque buildup.
2. Cholesterol Balance - provides natural ingredients to futher reduce cholesterol, futher reduce cholesterol, lower LDL and raise HDL levels, if desired. 
Artery Clear Nutrients Include:   
Serving: 6 capsules. 
Servings per Container: 30  (180 capsules).
Amount per Serving                 % of Daily Value
Vitamin C  (56% ascorbic acid,
       44% magnesium absorbate)    600 mg  1,000%
Serrapeptase  (70,000 SPU)            584 mg    *
Grapefruit Pectin                         1,000 mg    *
Lecithin Complex                            900 mg    *
Guar Gum                                      400 mg    *
Garlic Extract (allium extract)          225 mg    *
L-Lysine   (L-lysine hcl)                   200 mg    *
Additional Proprietary Blend             560 mg    *
     Alpha Lipoic Acid                            
     Choline   (bitartrate)                            
     Rutin                                                              .
*  Daily Value not established.


                 Other ingredients: Vegetable caps, magnesium stearate (kosher),

                 cellulose (kosher), Perkasil (kosher) amorphous silicon dioxide.



  Vitamin C            600 mg


   Studies by Dr. Duguid showed increased levels of vitamin C causes atherosclerotic plaque deposits to dissolve.  Dr. Willis, at Queen Mary Veterans' and St. Anne's Hospital confirmed these results.  Plaque deposits in the patients who were getting large amounts of vitamin C actually decreased in 30% of the cases. (This was the first time in history that any treatment had demonstrated a reversal in the growth of artery plaque!) 


   Later studies indicated that vitamin C does this by being involved in the chelation removal of the calcium ions in the plaque deposits.  Thus, it compliments lecithin - which is helping dissolve the cholesterol aspect of plaque.



Serrapeptase        70,000 SPU  (activity units)

   Serrapeptase is a rising star in the enzyme world, especially for plaque removal.  Hans Nieper is a Berman doctor known for his treatment of atherosclerosis.  He named serrapeptase a "miracle enzyme" after using ultrasound to measure its ability to dissolve arterial plaque - with out affecting other cells!  It is excellent at dissolving the fibrin that helps hold plaque together.

Grapefruit Pectin    1,000 mg

   Fiber has been well known for years to be able to help reduce cholesterol absorption and production.  It helps the liver to release bile into the gall bladder and then into the small intestines.  The liver can then removes more cholesterol from the blood through its LDL receptors.  When this is combined with a fiber like grapefruit, the bile (holding cholesterol) is unable to be re-absorbed and is removed with the stool. 


   Then, Dr. James J. Cerda, of the University of Florida Medical College, made an incredible discovery about grapefruit pectin and guar gum!  In addition to helping prevent absorbing LDL cholesterol, when arteries were examined, they were amazed to find that they showed an average narrowing of the coronary artery of 45%!  The University tests showed it to be an effective plaque reducer!  It is not surprising that we would want to include it in our plaque reducing formula!


Lecithin Complex    900 mg

   This is a key nutrient because lecithin is a lipid fat that can emulsify in water!  This is important because it helps arterial cholesterol fats dissolve in water so they can be removed from the body.  Cholesterol has a much higher melting point than your body temperature.  Basically, this means that there is a wad of waxy cholesterol stuck to your arteries that is hard to remove unless it is liquefied. 


   Canadian research, confirmed by Boston University, found that cholesterol becomes soluble in your body only when enough lecithin is present!  Lecithin increases the liquidity of cholesterol for easier removal.  (This is also why the lecithin fat portion of the good HDLs has almost twice as much lecithin as LDLs.


Guar Gum             400 mg

   Guar gum was included in the clinical studies above and supports grapefruit pectin as an effective plaque remover – especially ‘soft’ plaque!  Other studies have shown it also increases intercellular adhesion (repair) of damaged arteries.  It increases the antioxidant proteins thereby decreasing oxidative stress induced arterial injury.  (In other words, it also helps protect the arteries while plaque is being removed.)



  Garlic Extract         225 mg


   The UCLA Medical Center confirmed the power of garlic extracts to help prevent heart disease.  Patients showed only about one-third as much vascular calcification (plaque) – as well as reduced cholesterol (also why it is also included in our Cholesterol Balance). 




   Scientists presented research at the American Heart Association meeting in Washington, DC that showed that garlic not only reduces calcification of the arteries but also reduces plaque formation by up to 40% - and can even dissolve existing plaque by 25%.  It also helps make cholesterol and blood less "sticky" so helping the release of plaque from the arterial walls.  These are incredible number in addition to all the other good things garlic does (and why we even include it in our Ultimate Foundation multi-vitimins).



L-Lysine               200 mg

   Lysine helps release Lp(a) forms of cholesterol, the #1 nasty component of arterial plaque.  This is the stickiest form of cholesterol.  L-lysine is a lipotrophic, which means that it has a high affinity for fats – especially lipid fats!  Lysine helps prevent and loosen Lp(a) from sticking to the arterial lining by attaching to the lysine binding sites exposed by the damaged arteries.  Lysine, combined with L-Proline, goes even further by binding directly to the Lp(a) molecules, helping remove them and preventing them from depositing more plaque!


Additional Proprietary Blend


Alpha Liporic Acid

   ALA is helpful in so many ways.  However, our main purpose here is in how recent studies have shown how the body uses ALA to help recyclye vitamin C.  This might help explain the age-old question of why we do not need as much vitamin C as other mammals.



   Proline is a precursor to hydroxyproline, which is essential in collagen production – especially tissue repair.  However, it is included here because of its action with Lysine in binding to LP(a) cholesterol in plaque, helping remove them.



   Pantethine is the powerful biologically active form of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5).  It causes the liver to pull LDL out of the bloodstream.  The result is that pantethine can considerably lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and, especially, triglycerides. 


   In addition, we include it in Artery Clear because it is one of the few nutrients that can also raise good HDL cholesterol!  The HDL level is important to clearing arteries because HDLs help the attachment to plaque and carries plaque and cholesterol out of the bloodstream.  Pantethine has been an approved pharmaceutical for 30 years in Japan for the purpose of increasing HDL - however it is expensive so most formulas don’t include it. 




   Choline is an emulsifier that helps release plaque fats from sticking.  It works with lecithin to help fats flow and be eliminated through the liver and gallbladder.  It is also the prime ingredient of phosphatidylcholine, the active ingredient in lecithin that works wonders (below).





(EDTA) - EDTA has had a long history and is good at removing lead.  We have had to remove EDTA for another reason.  The FDA recently sent a warning about EDTA to doctors, so insurance companies, that provide product liability coverage, have stopped covering products with EDTA.  Since we already have lead removal covered with other nutrients, we had to stop using EDTA.

  It takes decades to build up artery plaque.  It takes several months to remove it.  Some buildup of plaque is normal in all people from childhood on.  It is when years have gone by without proper attention to it that excessive plaque buildup can become dangerous.  Here are the recommended steps to remove plaque and restore arteries.
   1. Protocol to Clear Arterial Plaque Buildup
   The majority of people looking at our Artery products have serious concerns about artery plaque buildup.  In many cases, the buildup is severe and requires immediate attention.  We recommend taking 2-3 containers of Artery Clear for medium to serious plaque buildup.  People reporting back from MRI's and ultrasounds usually see about a 25-30% reduction in their arterial plaque with 3 containers.
   In severe cases, some take an additions round of 3 containers.  Fewer have reported back but the average reduction reported is a little less, about 20%.  However, between the 2 rounds, plaque reduction has approached 50% - which is significant.  Remember, plaque buildup has taken decades to accumulate, 7-9 months to remove it without surgery is pretty good! :-)
   People do not need to take it every day.  If so, a container may last longer than 1 month.  The most effecient time is to take 3-4 capsules before bed and if the situation is urgent, 3 capsules when getting up (it works better on an empty stomach).  Additional supplements or multi-vitamin / minerals can be taken during the day.
   2. Cholesterol Balance - to Reduce the Cause of Plaque. 
  Often, people with plaque build-up also need to reduce bad cholesterol.  Statin drugs can reduce cholesterol about 35% but, as most know, come with some unpleasant side effects!  Using the Cholesterol Balance can naturally lower cholesterol levels 35-40% - without the side effects!  
   The Ultimate Cholesterol Balance provides natural ingredients that can naturally help reduce LDL levels and increase HDL levels even more.  (More cholesterol information can be found on the link below.)
Weight Adjusted:   We also include weight-adjusted serving directions on the containers since a 100 pound person does not need what a 250 pound person does.  For lighter people, a container may easily last twice as long.
       Link for additional articles:   A-Z Index.
       Link for the Ultimate:          Cholesterol Balance.
Best of all:  These ingredients, purchased individually, would cost more than $140 a month!  Combining them in the Ultimate Artery Clear can lower the cost to as little as a Pepsi a day!
Cost:  for the Artery Clear:  (Retail store price is $59.95.)
    The website has an 17% discount for only: $49.50 each.
          3 or more has a 24% discount for only: $45.50 each. 
   (All orders are only $6.95 shipping!)

Inspired Nutrition's Ultimate Artery Clear

Inspired Nutrition's Ultimate Artery Clear

180 Capsules Retail Price: $59.95 # Items
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