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Protocols for: Lyme's, MRSA,
Hepetitis, Cirrhosis, Herpes, HIV,
Fibromyalgia, Fibrosis, Arteries,
Inflammation, +++

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The Ultimate

The most complete
Multi-Vitamin, Mineral, Herbal and Nutrient supplement available.

The Ultimate

This is our powerful  INTERNAL bacterial  and viral defense.   It is concentrated monoglycride forms of coconut's oil's famous lauric and capric acid. 


The Ultimate

The Ultimate Bio-Fibrin is a tremendous aid to help dissolve the protective shields that bacteria and some virus build around themselves.

Chronic Inflammation Relief

10 of the Best Natural Herbs Blended to Naturally Reduce Inflammation and Pain in Your Body!

The Ultimate
Body Detox

The most advanced natural heavy metal and pesticide toxins remover from our bodies available.

The Ultimate
Joint Mobility

The most advanced nutritional supplement for reducing pain and inflammation while healing joints for healthy mobility. 

The Ultimate
Artery Clear

The most advanced nutritional supplement for healthy arteries.

The Ultimate
Atery Restore

The most advanced nutritional supplement for restoring artery health.

The Ultimate
Cholesterol Balance

The most advanced nutritional supplement for creating a healthy cholesterol balance.

The Ultimate
Anti-Bacterial Foaming Soap

A blend of monolaurin, 14 therapeutic grade essential oils and 100 % organic nutrients for healthy skin.  It kills all bacteria WITHOUT alcohol or triclosan!

The Ultimate
Pet Skin Health

The Ultimate Pet Shampoo uses natural ingredients for anti-bacterial action and healing their skin. 

Ultimate Yeast Defense

The Ultimate
Yeast Defense

C-A-Y Yeast Defense is a natural female yeast treatment product. It uses the strongest anti-fungal and anti-bacterial nutrients that mother's milk uses to defend an infant.

The Ultimate
Yeast Defense Applicator

The C-A-Y Applicator is designed for those who wish to disinfect and reuse the applicator. One is included with each C-A-Y order.

The Ultimate
Diaper Defense

The best natural antibacterial ingredients of monolaurin and lactoferrin to protect your baby without harsh chemicals. Skin softeners and rash soothers make a happy baby!

The Ultimate
Arm Defense

Arm Defense deodorant uses the 2 strongest natural anti-bacterials found in mother's milk, monolaurin and lactoferrin. This eliminates the aluminum and other chemicals most use.

The Ultimate
Skin Defense

There is nothing else like it. It is an incredibly effective blend of 3 of nature’s most powerful answers to bacterial attacks: monolaurin, "Monocaprin Plus" and 14 essential oils. 

The Ultimate
Scalp Defense

The best in natural solutions for scalp problems. It is an incredibly effective anti-bacterial blend of Monolaurin, "Monocaprin Plus" and 14 essential oils - 3 of nature’s most effective answers for scalp healing.

The Ultimate
Silver Skin

Silver has been used effectively as an antibacterial for thousands of years.  This is the best blend of nano-particel and ionic colloidal silver available.

The Ultimate
Room Defense

Once again, essential oil’s power defends against infectious germs in room air - efficiently and pleasantly – even against the special demands of MRSA staff and viral infections.

Raising Loving Children

This book gives simple and effective directions on how to raise a loving child.  It helps a child move beyond self-interest only and to consider the needs of others, ie -  to love others.

Human Rights Human Responsibility

provides a common sense foundation by connecting Human Rights with Responsibility, Moderated with Love! This outlook provides intriguing answers and responsible social thinking to current problems facing our nation and the world.

Harmony of the Gospels

is most detailed comparison and harmony available of the four New Testament Gospels in one account. Its side-by-side 4 columns are unique in arrangement in that it gives far more detail, line by line, sometimes even word-to-word of the different gospels.




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