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Aroma-Ace Essential Oil Diffuser

   (Our House and Room Anti-Bacterial & Staph Defense requires a good electric room diffuser.  This is a small electrical unit that will send out a very fine essential oil mist.  The "Aroma-Ace" is the best atomizing diffuser we have seen.  Its ability to atomize below 3 microns is very important.  It also has an excellent timing system and different essential oil containers if you want a different fragrance inbetween use.  You save an additional 5% if you wish to use our coupon code:

   Enter coupon #:  A367save5. - link at bottom of page.
   Some of their ad information is below and their webpage link is at the bottom, if interested.)




Discover the difference


   We are proud to announce the Launch of our NEWEST and MOST ADVANCED Nebulizing Diffuser System EVER!


   Aroma-Ace is Diffuser Worlds NEW state of the art, Essential oil Nebulizer, designed to easily and conveniently bring Spa Quality Aromatherapy to your home or office.  Aroma-Ace is the first of a new generation where performance, innovation and ease of use are un-surpassed.


   This Amazingly compact device is the most efficient and powerful Essential Oil Nebulizing diffuser EVER made. Highly advanced interval timer allows complete variable control of how long the unit is “On” or “Off”. (That’s Cool)

   The quick-change system makes a direct connection between the oil bottle, nebulizer and air pump. A wonderful convenience never before achieved.

   Running the diffuser at high output pressures and short timing intervals maximize particle breakdown and therapeutic benefit.


   Higher pressure means more abundance of micro-fine oil droplets less than 3 Microns!
   (the size required to penetrate deep into the Olfactory System and enter the blood stream directly.)


   Smaller particles stay suspended in the air for longer periods so you get more health benefits from less oil.


   Short run time (ON time) allows complete control of how much oil is diffused per hour.

Rest time (Off time) conserves oil and puts money back in your pocket.

   With proper use of this timing feature you can conserve oils like never before while getting the FULL therapeutic benefit.


   The revolutionary design of Aroma-Ace brings the ancient art of Aromatherapy to the 21st Century in style. This new development honors the Art of Essential Oils and raises the Science of Aromatherapy to NEW levels.


   Once again American Engineering creates a quality product.  Aroma-Ace is built in USA and destined for many years of dependable service in Therapy Rooms, Homes, Offices, Spas and even the Laboratory.

   See for yourself why Diffuser World is “The world leader in Aromatherapy essential oil nebulizing diffusers”.



(Note:  We were happy we got the 3 additional bottles.  They will allow you to use different single essential oils for just fragrance reasons.  People have said they regretted not getting them as they learned a little more about essential oils.)


Enter coupon #  A367save5

for a discount.

At:   Aroma-Ace