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Natural Cure for Dog and Cat Pet Lyme Disease


- It's Simple! -
(from Coconut’s Oil’s Lauric Acid)

Kills Lyme Disease Borrelia in Dogs and Cats!
Our Natural Monolaurin Cure for Lyme's Disease Actually Works
For All Pets that do 
not Chew Their Food!
Easy to Administer
   Yes, it works for dogs and cats - and is Easy to Give to Them!  
   We all know the battle that it can be to get a pet to swallow a pill.  That battle is over because our Ultimate Monolaurin comes in tiny pellets (about 80 in a teaspoon).  Directions are the same - simply adjust human weight for pet weight. 
   Pet dosage example: 
       A average adult weight is about 160 pounds.
       They would take 3 scoops (80 pellets each) during a day.
       A 10# cat is (1/10) of 80 pellets/scoop, or 8 pellets x 3, in soft pet food.
       A 40# dog is (1/4) of 80 pellets/scoop, or 20 pellets x 3, in soft pet food.
   You simply adjust the number of pellets up or down according to weight.  Most dogs have no problem swallowing the pellets mixed in soft food.  Cats can be more picky but the majority will eat a soft cat food that allows the pellets to mix in - and far fewer scratches for you!  (You can divide the pellets into 2 soft food meals a day.)
   Monolaurin does not work for animals that chew their food (like a cow) because monolaurin is pretty bitter.  However, it is not a problem for pets that do not chew their food because the pellets do not readily dissolve in the mouth.
How Monolaurin Works
   Monolaurin is natural and found in its highest concentration in mother's milk of all mammals.  It is there to help protect newborn infants from all bacterial infections and many viruses.  (It does not affect good bacteria because they have a different type of skin.)  It has no side effects, interactions with other drugs, or any allergies (I've never yet heard of an infant allergic to their mother's milk).
   Monolaurin is not an 'immune booster' that works with the metabolism of the pet.  It directly attacks Lyme's Disease.  Pathogen bacteria, borrelia burgdorferi and many viruses have a very flimsy lipid fat exterior envelope (skin).  This is by natural design so the bacteria and virus can easily move around, some even penetrating cells.  Monolaurin happens to have the same size lipid fat molecules so they absorb into the virus and bacteria's skin.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for your pet), monolaurin doesn't hold together well so the already flimsy bacteria skin ruptures and the cell dies. 
Helps Other Pet Illnesses
   Our largest customer base is actually people.  Monolaurin has been shown in hundreds of clinical studies (many posted in our home page "A-Z Index") to kill ALL pathogen (bad) bacteria and many viruses.  This includes MRSA, Hepatitis, Herpes, Shingles, CFS, Lyme Disease and the majority of colds and flues.  The FDA has even approved it for food processing sterilizing because it does kill all bad bacteria. 
   This is also good news for your pet because it will kill many other illnesses besides Lyme Disease in your pet!  (In fact, many people take a "maintenance" dose year round for general protection - especially for colds and flu.)     (Link to more Monolaurin Information.)
The Only Caution
   Monolaurin is so good at what it does that it can actually kill off bad things quicker than the Liver can eliminate them from the blood.  That's how good it is!  Because of this, we recommend starting off slow the first time with the dosage mentioned above for 3-4 days.  Then you can double the dosage (the same amount both morning and evening is best) for 3-4 more days.  
   For severe cases, the dosage can be tripled after the break-in period.  Remember, monolaurin is natural and has no side effects if entered into gradually.  (However, more than a triple dose does not add to its effectiveness). 
Additional Articles and Information
   We have much more information on our site if desired.  You can go to the topic headings of: Monolaurin, Lyme Disease, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the A-Z Index.  We will be continually adding and updating articles and information there.
   You may order either the 7 oz. or 21 oz. Family Size Order Monolaurin Here.
Our Best to All!
The Inspired Nutrition Team



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