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3 Step Natural Answer for Lyme Disease


- It's Simple! -
Our Monolaurin:
(from Coconut Oil’s Lauric Acid)
Kills Lyme Disease Borrelia,
And Lyme Co-infections: Babesiosis, Chlamydia,
Ehrlichiosis, Mycoplasma, Stari, and Tularemia!
Our Bio-Fibrin:
Dissolves the Biofilms and Cysts
that Protect Lyme Bacteria!


Three Steps Must Happen to Get Rid of Lyme Disease!

   People call, especially with long term chronic Lyme disease, and we say, "Let me guess.  You have Lyme disease and, when they finally admitted it, they gave you an anti-biotic.  You began to get a little better.  Then, the improvements leveled off.  They had to stop the anti-biotics and you began to get worse.  Eventually, they gave you another antibiotic (the first one no longer works) and the same thing happened.  You got a little better, the antibiotics eventually stopped, and you began to get even worse?"
   They say, "Amazing, that's exactly what happened!"  Prophetic???  No, many chronic lyme sufferers have been though that story several times.  In addition to often not even recognizing Lyme disease, most doctors are still unaware that Lyme disease builds protective biofilms and cysts that have to be dissolved to kill bacteria behind them.
The Three Essential Steps to Conquer Lyme Disease:
Step 1:  You have to have something that effectively kills it.   
Step 2:  You have to dissolve the Biofilms and Cysts that protect Lyme disease. 
Step 3:  You have to deal with the spirochetes that cause re-occurrences.   
   If a person wants a long term solution, all three steps are essential.  Let's see how it works:
Our 3-Step Answer for Lyme Disease Actually Works! 
Step 1:  Our Monolaurin - is very effective in actually killing the Lyme Disease Borrelia
and Spirochetes - without the side effects of anti-biotics!   (Essential.) 
Step 2:  Our Bio-Fibrin - is very effective in dissolving the Lyme biofilm shields and
cysts held together by fibrin.   (Also essential.)                  
Step 3:  Our "Maintenance Dose" – is very effective in preventing Lyme disease 
from coming back once we have gotten rid of the active form. 
   (It is Optional - but those who use it haven't had re-occurrences.)
Step 1:   Our Ultimate Monolaurin
   Monolaurin is in mother's milk and is a very powerful germ-fighter.  Hundreds of clinical studies have shown Monolaurin kills 100% of every pathogen (bad bacteria) it has been tested on – including the antibiotic resistant Lyme and even MRSA Staph infections!  Especially important:
Monolaurin Kills Lyme Disease Borrelia,
Spirochetes and Co-infections!
How Does Monolaurin do It?
  All pathogen bacteria, 14 viruses, and, most importantly, borrelia burgdorferi have a very flimsy outer membrane (envelope or skin) that includes lipid fat molecules.  This helps them penetrate where they are not supposed to go.  Monolaurin happens to be the same size as lipid fat molecules so they absorb into their outer membranes
   Ultimate Monolaurin then:
1.  Quickly stops the bacteria’s reproduction
(Within a day, it disrupts the internal reproductive signals.) 
2.  When enough monolaurin absorbs in, it weakens it so the
bacteria’s membranes rupture and the bacteria die! 
   It does all this without harming good bacteria (good bacteria have a different type of skin membrane).  
   The blood takes the dead bacteria to the liver where it is eliminated from the body.  Your body is much happier, regains normal energy and it’s a good deal for everyone - except for Lyme disease!
   As a side benefit, monolaurin will also fight any other bacterial infections as well as most flu's (monolaurin's most common use), because they also have lipid fats in their membranes.  In fact, monolaurin is so good at killing bacteria that we recommend for people take a week to build up to a full daily amount (3 tsp. of little pellets for most people).  This gives the liver time to filter out the initial surge of dead bacteria.  (We should only wish everything would work so well.) 
Co-Infections:   Monolaurin will also kill spirochetes and co-infection babesiosis, babesia,
ehrlichiosis, mycoplasma, tularemia, stari, and tularemia!  Monolaurin has no drug interactions (in hundreds of studies), side effects or allergic reactions.  (Keep in mind, Monolaurin is in highest natural concentration in mother's milk to protect infants.  We have yet to hear of an baby allergic to mother's milk.) 
Inexpensive:   We hear of people spending tens of $ thousands $ on other treatments.  Our
total protocol is only a few hundred dollars.  So, with monolaurin being inexpensive, natural, backed by hundreds of clinical studies, covering a wide arena, and not interfering with any other treatment, how can a person go wrong???
   (Link to: Monolaurin.)
Step 2:  Our Ultimate Bio-Fibrin.
   Some very exciting research lately has discovered why Lyme disease resists antibiotics and keeps coming back - often worse!  When Lyme disease bacteria are threatened by antibiotics or the immune system, they are able to defend themselves by building protective cysts and biofilm shields!  Antibiotics and the immune system defenses can’t penetrate these shields to get to the bacteria behind them!  The biofilms protect the bacteria.
   The Lyme bacteria can sense a negative living condition - or an outright attack comes against it.  It quickly starts to collect blood cells, heavy metals and other plasma to build “mucus” around it.  Then, it adds fibrin, a fibrous protein mesh, to hold everything together.  (In a real tight form, it is often referred to as a cyst.) 
   This biofilm can actually add other co-infection bacteria to it and can become quite a complicated structure.  The Lyme bacteria are also still active behind the biofilms.  This is why, unless the Lyme disease is caught in the first few months, an antibiotic will have a short success and then stalls out.  It can kill the 'free floating' bacteria but not thise behind the biofilms.  When the antibiotic is removed, the Lyme disease spreads out from behind the biofilm and become even more active!
   Even worse - the Lyme bacteria can mutate behind the biofilm!  Then, if exposed to that antibiotic again, it has become resistant to it.  That is why so many Lyme patients have had to go through many different antibiotics over years.  (We’ve worked with people that have gone through repeated cycles of this for 20+ years!)
   Lyme disease doesn't become resistant to monolaurin.  So, if our Monolaurin can come into contact with all the bacteria, it will kill it all.  Monolaurin appears to slowly absorb through weaker biofilms but is slowed down considerably.  It is doubtful whether it gets through the cysts at all.  How do we solve this problem???
The Answer…
   Out of several thousand enzymes, there are 5 that are very good at dissolving the protein fibrin strands that hold together biofilms and cysts.  We have developed a blend of those five enzymes that will dissolve the biofilm shields and cysts so Monolaurin can get to the bacteria quicker and more completely.  Our Bio-Fibrin enzymes (with clinical studies backing each enzyme) include:
Serrapeptase – Nattokinsae - Bromelain -
Grapefruit Seed Extract & Papain!
   Not only do they directly dissolve the fibrin that holds the biofilms together, they also increase our body’s own fibrinolytic enzyme, plasmin to join in the battle!  Adding Bio-Fibrin is a very important step for anyone that has had Lyme disease for over 3 months – especially if they have had any antibiotic treatment and still have problems!  
   (Link to: More Bio-Film Information.)
   (Link to: Bio-Fibrin.)
Step 3:  Our Ongoing "Maintenance" Protocol

   There is one final difficulty with Lyme disease that has to be dealt with that other protocols don’t have an answer for.  The problem is that Lyme spirochetes have a nasty ability to burrow into our body cells!  (They especially like nerve cells.)  When in cells, antibiotics, the immune system and even our Monolaurin can’t get to them because our cell walls actually protect them!

   Getting rid of the active form of Lyme disease is fairly easy for us to do.  However, even after we get rid of the active Lyme disease and biofilms, the Lyme spirochetes in the cells will come out at a future date to multiply and build up again.  This has been extremely frustrating for doctors and patients - and there is no test that can accurately tell us if there are any in the cells.  This is why doctors (and ourselves) can't claim a "cure" - no one can know for sure if it is all gone.  

   Fortunately, we also have an answer for this that has worked for years!  It is pretty simple: after getting rid of the active form, a person can take a reduced amount of Monolaurin daily (usually 1 tsp. /day - BioFibrin is not required here).  Then, monolaurin will then be in their blood.  When Lyme spirochetes come out of the cells, they will encounter the monolaurin.  Our Monolaurin can then kill them before they can build up again.  (Fortunately, our monolaurin is not only the purest available, it is also the least expensive.  A 21 oz. container will last 6 months at 1 tsp. a day.)

How to Use the Monolaurin and Bio-Fibrin
   It is hard us to not be too excited.  We know we have the best, most complete natural protocol answer for Lyme disease, CFS, MRSA and Fibromyalgia available.  But, how do we balance the facts without appearing to brag?  Simple - just get the people healthy! 
   Well, here's how to do it:
1.  Monolaurin:  If you have not been on antibiotics recently, we recommend building up to a full dose over 8 days.  An average weight adult (160#) dose would take 3 scoops (3 tsp.) a day.  Start with 1 scoop (tsp.) a day for 4 days, then 1 scoop in the morning and 1 scoop in the evening for 4 days, then 3 scoops spread out during the day.  (If you had antibiotics recently, you can go directly to a full dose.)
2.  Bio-Fibrin:  after getting up to the full dose of our Monolaurin, you want to do the same gradual build up with the Bio-Fibrin.  It is best to take it when first getting up with an empty stomach waiting 30 minutes to eat.  Start with 1 capsule a day and, every few days you can increase by 1 capsule.  The average is 3-6 caps a day.  (A slow buildup is simply making sure the toxins released by dissolving the biofilm are being handled by the Liver and not causing side effects.)

Other Helpful Products - (only if they fit in the budget)  

1.  Our Body Detox   (not essential but very helpful).

   One of the world's foremost Lyme researcher and lecturer, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, heavily emphasizes the importance of heavy metal removal in fighting Lyme's Disease.  (It is also recommended for Lyme’s sister disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.)   
   Detox is especially important for the heavy metals biofilms like to grab - as well as the toxins released by dissolving the bacteria biofilms.  These toxins and heavy metals cause many of the illness effects and symptoms people experience from Lyme's Disease (and CFS).
   This is not an essential step since our Monolaurin and Bio-Fibrin will eventually deal with Lyme's Disease and any co-infections.  However, there is another good reasons to use our Body Detox:
By capturing the heavy metals and toxins released 
from the biofilms, it helps reduce any side effects
by helping the liver remove the toxins!
   We have formulated the Ultimate Body Detox to include the detox nutrients Dr. Klinghardt recommends, as well as our own.  It also includes the all-important glutathione to get rid of undesirable toxins such as BLPs produced by borrelia and other bacteria! 
   (Note: this is not an intestinal flush detox as most other detoxes.  It removes heavy metals, toxins and pesticides without upsetting the digestive system.)
Herxheimer Reactions:  When you kill bacteria and dissolve biofilms, the normal job of the liver and kidney, etc., is to filter the toxins out of the blood.  Occasionally, a person can kill the bacteria faster than the liver, etc., can filter them out.  Then, they can experience some gunky, flu-like symptoms, called 'herx' reactions.  The Body Detox can help reduce these symptoms - or a person can simply do a more gradual buildup to a full dose, giving the liver plenty of time to filter the toxins out.
     (Link to a fuller Herxheimer Explanation.) 
Detox Usage:  After getting up to a full dose with the Monolaurin, you can begin the Detox at the same gradual buildup as the Bio-Fibrin.  The only difference is that you take the Detox at bedtime.
     (Link to: Body Detox.)
2. Our Ultimate Foundation:  (again, not essential but helpful).
   Dr. Klinghardt (and many other doctors) also recommends many of the special nutrients we have already included in our Ultimate Foundation, the best multi-nutritional supplement available!  The Ultimate Foundation is not essential but it is a complete multi-vitamin / mineral / nutrient supplement that forms the "foundation" helping the body add its own defenses to the battle.  Dr. Klinghardt also says the most critical mineral for a Lyme patient is iodine - and we have a generous 175 mcg in the Ultimate Foundation.   
     (Link to: Foundation information.)
3.  Chronic Inflammation Relief:   
   Inflammation can also be a big problem for some Lyme disease sufferers.  Our Chronic Inflammation Relief is the best natural inflammation supplement available.  We recommend waiting until the third month when a person is past the first rush of ridding the body of bacteria before using it.  It is also not essential and doesn't have instant results like Ibuprovin but, after a month, it does wonders – if the budget can handle it.
     (Link to: Chronic Inflammation Relief.)  
Pets with Lyme disease:  (Monolaurin can actually work for dogs too - against both diseases and skin conditions.)
Additional Information:  go to the topic headings of: Monolaurin, Lyme Disease, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  We will be continually adding and updating articles and information on the home page in the A-Z Index.
Our Best to All!
The Inspired Nutrition Team



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