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The Ultimate Bio-Fibrin (00116)


The Ultimate
The Best Natural Dissolver of
Fibrin Biofilms, Cysts and Internal Scaring!
New hope for conquering chronic diseases like
      MRSA staph,          Lyme disease,       HIV,
      Hepatitis,               Shingles,               Herpes.     
Includes Systemic Enzymes: 
       Serrapeptase,            Nattokinsae,            Bromelain,       
       Papain,  and              Grapefruit Seed Extract     
How Disease Biofilms Work
   The Ultimate Bio-Fibrin is a tremendous aid to help dissolve the protective shields that bacteria and some virus build around themselves.  In recent studies, researchers are finding out how chronic diseases are often chronic because the bacteria or virus causing it is able to defend itself by building biofilm shields.  Then antibiotics, the immune system and vaccines can’t get to them.  They are protected.
   Lyme disease is a classic example of this.  When the Lyme spirochete senses a negative living condition, or outright attack against it, it will start to build a shield.  It will collect blood cells, heavy metals and other things in the body to build a “mucus” around it.  Then, it adds fibrin, a body fiber to act as a mesh to hold everything together.  In a real tight form, it is often referred to as a cyst.
   Biofilms are often colonies of many types of bacteria working together and can become quite a complicated structure.  Even worse, if these microorganisms were exposed to an antibiotic or vaccine before building a biofilm, it can mutate (like Lyme disease) while behind the biofilm.  Then, if Lyme expands out past the biofilm and is exposed again, the drug used is no longer effective!  A new one has to be used.  We’ve worked with people that have gone through repeated cycles of this for 20 years or more!
Bio-Fibrin Dissolves Fibrin Biofilms and Cysts!
   There are several natural enzymes that will dissolve fibrin biofilms and cysts.  Most products available only have 1 or 2 enzymes in them.  We wanted something more effective!  We put a blend of 5 of the best enzymes into Bio-Fibrin.  Then, we added the magnesium and zinc the enzymes need to be even more effective. 
   This has made Bio-Fibrin (and naturopaths agree) the best fibrin biofilm, cyst and scarring dissolver available.  (Yes, it dissolves internal scarring as well - kidneys, liver, etc.)  This has made our chronic illness protocol extremely effective!  We'll explain the ingredients, and how they work, below but first...   
Bio-Fibrin Makes Monolaurin More Effective!
   Our Monolaurin is able to kill all pathogen bacteria and 14 virus (including the ones above).  However, it must come into contact with them to do so.  With the active, exposed microorganisms, this is easy for our Monolaurin. 
   It also appears that monolaurin is able to slowly penetrate biofilms.  However, it is slowed from its goal of coming into contact with the microorganisms – and it may not be able to penetrate cysts at all.
   Our Bio-Fibrin can help remove the biofilm shields so Monolaurin can get to the microorganisms quicker and better.  It can also do a more thorough job because it can then kill the microorganisms inside the cysts.  Thus, the combination of our Monolaurin cand Bio-Fibrin to dissolve the biofilms makes them a very effective team!
   Our own body produces a fibrinolytic enzyme that will also help dissolve the fibrin tissue and scar tissue being used to protect the bad guys.  Plasmin is a natural body enzyme that breaks up fibrin in blood clots and other places.  Plasmin is also a natural blood thinner, responsible for removing unnecessary accumulated fibrin.
   Unfortunately, as with many other things, plasmin production slows down as we get older.  Then, our normal ability of removing excess fibrin is reduced.   The result can be cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary emboli, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and other related disorders.  When you add in the ability of microorganisms to increase fibrin in protective biofilms, the situation becomes worse.
   Our Bio-Fibrin ingredients not only dissolve biofilms but they also stimulate the body to increase its production of plasmin to help in the process!
The Ingredients
1.  Serrapeptase - 100,000 iu
   Serrapeptase is a relatively new ‘rising star’ enzyme on its way to becoming the biggest enzyme of all time.  It is in wide clinical use throughout Europe and Asia as an anti-inflammatory and fibrin dissolver for 35 years.  Serrapeptase was originally found in the silkworm where the silkworm uses this enzyme to dissolve its protective cocoon, so the winged creature is able to emerge and fly away. 
   Obviously, if it can dissolve a cocoon, we have an interest in it dissolving Lyme cysts and biofilm.  Sure enough, this enzyme has been found to be very effective at dissolving non-living tissue!  In fact, the most important aspect of serrapeptase is its fibrinolytic activity (it dissolves fibrin)!  This is especially true with internal scar tissue, lesions, mucus and inflammation associated with pain – and our favorite: fibrin bio-coatings!  Yes, serrapeptase dissolves blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms.  
   For 25 years, Serrapeptase has been studied and is used worldwide to treat numerous medical conditions including arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, cardiovascular disease, to name a few.  It has been used successfully in China’s four top hospitals in nerve and infectious diseases since 1995 without any harmful side effects.
  • Dissolves the biofilms coating microbes like Lyme and for autism.
  • Allowing the colonies hiding behind biofilms to be destroyed.
  • Dissolves the fibrin (a kind of plaster) walls of capillaries.
  • Reduces inflammation,
  • Helps clear mucus from the lungs.
   It even crosses the blood brain barrier - important for disease Co-Infections!
   If that wasn’t enough, we also love it because one of serrapeptase's most profound benefits is its ability to block the release of pain-inducing amines from inflamed tissues.  
2.  Nattokinsae – 1,500 fu
   Studies have confirmed that this enzyme also dissolves the fibrin biofilms and coatings in cysts!  Nattokinase has advantages over the traditional clot-dissolving drugs, such as activase, urokinase, and streptokinase because its effects last longer - eight to ten hours longer!
   Clinical reports from doctors show it dissolves branched fibrin.  It has proved helpful in chronic infections as the most potent fibrin-degrading enzyme out of more than 200 foods tested.  In vitro and in vivo studies have consistently demonstrated the potent anti-fibrin effect of Nattokinase.
   When you have a chronic infection, like Lyme disease, it can give rise to chronic fatigue symptoms.  You deposit excess fibrin in your tissues that triggers a secondary immune response.  Your body deposits fibrin so that organisms are inhibited from being very mobile.  That is both good and bad.  They’re not mobile, so they can’t do as much damage, but you also can’t get anti-microbials, like our Monolaurin, to them as easily.  Once the pathogens are exposed and vulnerable, they can add in the antibacterial, antifungal, or antiviral products.
   "Plasmin" is the body's natural enzyme for dissolving a clot or fibrin.  The properties of nattokinase are very similar to plasmin!  Nattokinase also enhances the production of the body's plasmin!  Nattokinase is particularly effective because it dissolves fibrin directly.  It can even outperform our own body!  In vivo studies also show the activity of nattokinase is stronger than that of plasmin or elastase. 
   (Note:)  Nattokinase has been discovered to balance optimally the clotting ability of blood.  Its ability to control clotting rivals that of pharmaceutical drugs such as warfarin, but without any of the side effects or downsides!  But since it does thin the blood a bit, we recommend checking with your doctor regarding it.)
3.  Grapefruit Seed Extract – 375 mg.
   Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) contains bioactive flavenoids (e.g., hesperitin, resveratrol, and naringenin).  Many studies indicate that grapefruit seed extract ranks equal to pharmaceutical drugs designed to break down cysts and biofilms – and with far fewer side effects!
   The GSE bioactive flavonoids help dissolve the cyst and biofilm barriers.  The GSE is a protective barrier inhibitor.  The removal of barriers can enhance the effectiveness of antibacterial agents.  Dr. Brorson’s research showed that:
“The highest GSE concentrations made the bacteria and cysts disappear completely, leaving only small uncharacteristic fragments.  At lower GSE-levels the membranes showed herniation and disruption, and the contents had leaked out.
   That is why we include grapefruit seed extract in our Fibrin Cyst & Biofilm Dissolve formula.
4.  Bromelain – 2,000 gdu/g.
   Bromelain is the key enzyme in pineapple found to be in high concentrations in pineapple stems.  It is a proteolytic enzymes capable of digesting the protein in fibrin and biofilms protecting Lyme spirochetes and other chronic bacteria and viruses. 
   We like bromelain because:
  • Bromelain contains a number of fibrin-dissolving enzymes!
  • Bromelain also increases the conversion of plasminogen into plasmin.
  • Bromelain also prevents the conversion of fibrinogen to the excess fibrin that gives structure to biofilms, cysts and blood clots.
   Bromelain is a delightful addition because of these increased natural body enhancers it performs that the other enzymes don’t.  It helps make a great blend.
5.  Papain – 6,000,000 USP u/mg
   Like the other enzymes we use, papain is a protein-dissolving enzyme from the green papaya fruit.  We wanted to add papain as an aid to eliminate toxins from the body. 
   This activity has an important place when it comes to dissolving the protective fibrin biofilms and cysts that some diseases form.  Papain is able to dissolve up to 2,000x its weight in fibrin!  We like that.
   Papain also increases the body’s ability to produce plasmin.  It doesn’t hurt that papain enzyme has protein-digestive properties and anti-inflammatory properties also reduce prostate and joint inflammation and reduce the swelling of prostatitis.
   (Magnesium and Zinc are also included to help all these enzymes work better.)
Best of All:
   Purchased individually, these ingredients could cost as much as $100 a month!  Happily, combining them in the Ultimate Bio-Fibrin can lower the cost to as little as a Pepsi a day!  
Link:  to Additional Articles on 1. Bio-Fibrin (& Enzymes), 2. Biofilms, and 3. Lyme disease - under the appropriate title in the home page, A-Z Index.
Contents:  1 Container has 120 Capsules.
Serving Size:  1 to 5 capsules a day (2-3 caps is normal) depending on need and body weight.
                        (Up to 2 months supply.)
Cost:  The retail store price of the Ultimate Bio-Fibrin is $59.95.
   However, the website sale price offers a:
      29% discount for 1 container at only:  $44.50 each.
      35% discount for 3 or more at only:     $41.00 each.
     (All orders are only $5.95 shipping!)
Notice!   We will be out of stock for about 1 week.  The new lot is almost done in production and should be available about Friday, Apr. 25 or Monday Apr. 26.  (On the plus side, it will be very fresh!)  Cheers.

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The Ultimate Bio-Fibrin


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