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The Ultimate Anti-Bacterial Soap - Even Defends Against MRSA (00201)

The Ultimate Coconut Monolaurin

Anti-Bacterial Foaming Soap


(Also, Skin, Scalp, Candida, Diaper & Pet Skin Products)


An Anti-bacterial Solution for Everyday Needs -

Even MRSA Staph Infections!


 Now with Coconut Monolaurin, Coconut Phospholipids,

and Plant Essential Oils!



   We have several products (and more coming) using coconut's famous anti-bacterial monolaurin, phospholipids, essential oils and many with colloidal silver!  This page is about our Foaming Soap(Links to the other products are at the bottom of the page.)


   When we designed the Ultimate Anti-Bacterial Soap, we were looking for a solution for people who had or were required to work around MRSA staph infections.  These bacterial infections are very serious and resistant to most antibiotics.  We have been very successful in formulating the only effective natural skin treatment for MRSA staph infections!  


   We also designed this soap to be nourishing and gentile to the skin to help it heal better.  It quickly became popular for all kinds of bacterial exposure.  Now, it is even in general use because repeated washing still leaves the skin soft and protected.  The foaming action of the soap provides a quick application in a sink and shower.  It turned out to be so delightful that it has become a win-win solution for everyone in multiple applications.


Commercial Antibiotic Problems


   The difficulty with most antibacterial soaps is that they use alcohol or triclosin (a poison banned in parts of Europe).  With triclosin, you have to be careful not to have cuts or touch any mucous part of your face where it can be absorbed.  We have made our foaming soap without alcohol or triclosin (a poison banned in parts of Europe)!  


   Chemical agents also damage the good microbial flora on your skin.  This causes an increased shedding of the natural protective bacterial flora of the hand (promoting the dry, scaly look).  Damaging the microbial flora can actually lead to an increased risk of transmission of pathogenic microorganisms from any sources.  Fortunately, repeated use of monolarurin and the proper essential oils does not lead to dermatological problems.  They also do not affect the original protective bacterial flora of the skin (Larson, 2001, Carson and Riley, 1995).




   Monolaurin is the most effective natural anti-pathogen in existence.  It is found in mother's milk and your body can make it from coconut oil.  It is so effective that the FDA even approves it for many antibacterial functions.  It is especially effective as a soap because it leaves a light coat on your skin.  This retatins anti-pathogen bacterial effects even after washing!  


Phospholipids & "MonoCaprin Plus"


   There are other lipid compounds in coconut and clinical studies show they also have anti-bacterial abilities (especially monocaprin).  These offer a fuller range of anti-bacterial protection than any other soap products.  


Essential Oils


   The therapeutic grade essential oils we use are the natural oils plants use to defend themselves against bacteria.  These essential oils have also been proven to kill the bad pathogen bacteria in many clinical studies.  They were even once considered the cutting edge in bacterial defense until antibiotics came along.  Since plants adapt every year to new forms of bacteria, essential oils are now being rediscovered for their natural antibacterial abilities.  


   We have been able to develop a blend of 14 bacteria fighting essential oils.  The amount we use is many times stronger than the token amounts used in fragrant soaps.  The aroma is lightly distinctive and most people find it very pleasant.  


A Nourishing Skin Base


   These natural anti-bacterials are added to a natural, 100% organic base.  The base is a blend of jojoba, coconut and other oils, with vitamin E added, to soften and nourish the skin.  It is a perfect match with the anti-bacterials!  We have been to combine a pleasant blend of proven bacteria killers with this skin friendly, nourishing base into our foaming soap.  A light rinse will leave a thin film of monolaurin and essential oils to protect your skin.  The only caution, like many soaps, is to be careful to avoid getting it in the eyes (rinse with water if it occurs).   


   With all these attributes, the Ultimate Anti-Bacterial Foaming Soap is a wonderful addition to a clean and natural workplace and household!  (As mentioned, there is more information on monolaurin & essential oils in the A-Z Index.)


Also, Anti-bacterial: 

   Skin Defense  is a monolaurin skin infection spray.       (Skin.)

   Scalp Defense  helps control scalp itches & infections.   (Scalp.)

   Fresh & Natural  natural deodorant without chemicals. (Fresh & Natural.)

   C-A-Y & Diaper Defense  for Candida infections.          (C-A-Y.)

   Pet Skin Health  skin infection monolaurin for pets.      (Pet Shampoo.)


Anti-Bacterial Foaming Soap comes in 8.5 oz foaming containers.  The retail store price is $17.95.

      The Website sale is a:   29% discount for only $12.75 each.
      Orders of 3 - 24 are a:  37% discount for only $11.55 each. 
   Even better!  For ongoing use, we have a 32 oz. Refill Containers for only $32.50 that many people use to refill their foaming bottle.  At 3 or more the refill price be as low as $7.38 for an 8.5 oz refill.
   (All orders are only $5.95 shipping!)

List Price: $17.95
Sale Price: $12.75
You Save: $5.20 (29%)

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The Ultimate Anti-Bacterial Soap - Even Defends Against MRSA


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